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Welcome to SMILEY TIMES, the home page of Mrs. Ponstein’s 3rd Grade Class at Vaughan Elementary School.

I’m looking forward to starting another wonderful year with a new class full of smiling faces.

SPECIAL NOTE: This year we have a student with a SEVERE PEANUT ALLERGY. Please be considerate when providing any classroom treats. In addition, to limit potential exposure within the classroom, providing daily snacks to your child without peanut content would be an appreciated gesture as well.

The intent of this web site is to help answer your questions and keep you informed throughout the year. This web site has sections focused on commonly asked questions, policies and procedures.

I would like to draw your attention to several key areas of the web site:


“Blog” stands for “Weblog” and is a great new way to communicate and share ideas on the internet.

I will post most of my updates on the “Blog” focused on current homework, events / activities, and projects. Please check it regularly.


I plan to post the weekly newsletter to this site. In addition to providing you the information about what your child is working on, they will also alert you to items you need to be aware of, and remind you of the following weeks’ daily specials.

The photo gallery is a fully interactive online program which is password protected. I will supply you with the appropriate permissions to view the precious moments that our class has throughout the year.

Additionally, you will be able to send e-cards with the class pictures to your family and upload and share others that you have captured, and I may have missed.

(I’ve disabled auto posting, so I will need to “authorize“ them prior to being displayed for all to view)

Photo Gallery