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Classroom Management

Classroom Rules / Procedures


Listen and follow directions


Use good manners and have a positive attitude


Control talking


Show self control


Show respect for others


Work and play well with others


Help others and be a good friend


Do your personal best

Behavior Management

If a student chooses not to follow classroom procedures, then they will receive a verbal warning.

If a student continues to not follow procedures, then the teacher will ask the student to remove their behavior chart from their take home binder. The teacher will indicate the inappropriate behavior displayed that day by placing a “check” on the chart. It is their responsibility to return the chart with a parent’s initials the following day.

In the event of a more serious offense, (such as blatant disrespect to a teacher, cursing, fighting, damaging school property, etc) the student will be sent to administration for immediate action resulting in a “Pink Slip” and possible detention.

Students will also receive “Positive Punches” when they exhibit positive behavior for the week. Special rewards like treats, homework passes, special passes and trips to the treasure box can be claimed when students reach the appropriate number of positive punches.