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August 19, 2005

Upcoming Event

Open House August 22nd
3rd-5th Grades 7:30-8:15

Fall Festival September 23rd

Other Important Information:

Chicken Biscuits will be for sale every Tuesday morning from 7:00 am - 7:50 am starting September 13th.

PTSA General Meetings:

October 3rd 4th grade Performance
November 7th 5th grade Performance
December 5th 2nd grade Performance
February 6th 1st grade Performance
March 6th 3rd grade Performance


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We had a great week! We jumped into writing this week
focusing on
Ideas-one of the six writing traits we will be working on this year. We discussed that “good” writers first come up with ideas about topics they wish to write about. I introduced the class to their writing binders which we will be using this year as a helpful tool during writer’s workshop time. The first activity we did in our writing binders was to brainstorm a list of topics they thought would be interesting to write about. We finished the week reading the wonderful book: If You Were a Writer by Joan Lowery Nixon. It gave us insight on how to become a “good” writer ourselves. Make sure to ask your student if they can remember any of the book’s suggestions :o)