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September 9, 2005

Upcoming Event

Fall Festival September 23rd
Vote for Vaughan - Avenues at West Cobb September 1st - 30th
Chick-Fil-A September 22nd

Other Important Information:
We will continue testing next week

Chicken Biscuits will be for sale every Tuesday morning from 7:00 am - 7:50 am starting September 13th.

PTSA General Meetings:

October 3rd 4th grade Performance
November 7th 5th grade Performance
December 5th 2nd grade Performance
February 6th 1st grade Performance
March 6th 3rd grade Performance


Day G



Day H



Day A



Day B



Day C


This week in third grade we completed our village maps and paragraphs. Everyone did a fabulous job! Our next science unit will be exploring the earth. We will be discussing rocks and minerals, and performing some fun experiments in the upcoming weeks. If you have any great rock / mineral samples at home, send them on in :o)
We will continue to work on narrative writing during our Writer’s Workshop time. We will use our schema (prior knowledge) to choose a topic and develop the following story elements; characters, setting, plot, events, and outcome.
Next week during Reading Workshop we will discuss “what good readers do when they read” and the connections they make with the text. Make sure to ask your child if they made any connections to the books we read in class.