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October 7, 2005

Upcoming Events:
Class Picnic/ Get Together Oct 9
Meet at Lost Mountain Park @ 2pm
Student Holiday Oct. 14
Conference Week Oct. 17-21
School Pictures Oct. 27
US Play Night Oct. 27

Other Important Information
Chicken Biscuits will be for sale every Tuesday morning from 7:00 am - 7:50 am ($2.25 each)

PTSA General Meetings:

November 7th 5th grade Performance
December 5th 2nd grade Performance
February 6th 1st grade Performance
March 6th 3rd grade Performance


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Dear Parents,
Well, another busy week in third grade! We are finishing up our Rocks & Minerals unit by discussing the rock cycle and the three different rock types within the cycle. We performed a fun experiment using
candy bars and taking core samples to view the different layers of rocks found in the earth. We also used a peach as an example to show the different parts of the earth ; crust, mantle, and core (inner and outer). The children love when we do hands-on experiments! We will do a mini unit on fossils and move on to the landforms unit after conference week.
As a class, we work of problem solving daily. Please help your child with their problem solving techniques using these strategies: read the problem carefully, write down all the important information, draw a picture, tally marks, chart, or math sentences to help solve the problem, re-read the question to verify what the problem is asking you, and make sure you have included a label (what the problem is asking for)

Have some family fun and make up your own story problems to work on with your student. Have your child bring them in and the whole class can give them a try! Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Sunday for our class get together!!!!!!!